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Eastern Medicine Technique

Explore Eastern Medicine Technique and Yoga Coaching Services!

Are you looking to get a new lease on life? Do you want to change the way that you look at the world? Changing your thoughts and practices can be difficult when you don't have someone to keep you accountable. When you come to DIY Wellness, you can find the support services that you need to make the life changes that you deserve. Let's explore how founder Lisa Wainwright and the DIY Wellness team can help you, today!

First and foremost, DIY Wellness is built around several methodologies that have proven effective for health and wellness treatment. DIY Wellness adheres to many traditional talk therapy, cognitive, and behavioral therapeutic solutions. In addition to these traditional therapeutic offerings, DIY Wellness also embraces Eastern Medicine technique and practices. Lisa can guide her clients through the exploration of Adaptogenic Herbal Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Yoga, Chakras, Chi, and even Sacred Breath Work. You can explore which processes work best with you by communicating with your wellness coach.

While the practices that we outlined above can go a long way toward making progress in your life, there are other services that DIY Wellness can provide. In addition to the Eastern techniques that we outlined above, Lisa of DIY Wellness also believes in Nature Therapy, Self Development Book Coaching, and Medical Cannabis Wellness. Whether you want to sign up for a group nature retreat or explore the benefits of cannabis wellness within your home, Lisa Wainwright will be ready to guide you.

There has never been a better time to take care of your mental and physical well being. DIY Wellness offers you a range of paths that you can take to achieve the wellness that you desire. Explore the services available at DIY Wellness before signing up for your first session.

DIY Wellness looks forward to assisting you on your life's journey!