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How to Deal with Grief

How to Deal With Grief? An Alternative to Traditional Talk Therapy.

Dealing with grief can be a challenge unlike any other. As human beings with complex emotions, grief can make us feel a way we never have felt before. In these scary times, it can be easy to withdraw and pull away from your support systems. If you feel like you are struggling with how to deal with grief, you could benefit from traditional talk therapy or online wellness coaching at DIY Wellness. DIY Wellness was established to offer support and guidance to those in need. Let's see how DIY Wellness can assist you during this uncomfortable time.

Feeling a sense of loss for something or someone you love can feel devastating. This sense can be so overwhelming that you feel like there is nowhere else to turn to. Whether you are mourning the loss of a loved one or even the end of a serious relationship, your needs for guidance on how to deal with grief do not make you weak. With the benefit of professional traditional talk therapy, you can learn the skills and practices needed to understand and overcome these feelings.

Traditional talk therapy will give you both space and the tools needed to explore your feelings in a safe environment. With that being said, DIY Wellness offers so much more than traditional talk therapy. Lisa Wainwright and the DIY Wellness team utilizes traditional talk therapy techniques as well as cognitive, behavioral, and Eastern Medicinal practices. From yoga and nature therapy to meditation and mindfulness, there are a variety of paths that can all lead to solutions for how to deal with your grief.

If you are ready to tackle grief with a professional, the team at DIY Wellness is ready to assist you. Lisa Wainwright has 17 years of experience in the field as well as her master's degree in social work and B.A. in Psychology.