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Lisa Wainwright, CEO, Therapist & Holistic Mental Wellness Coach

DIY Wellness is owned and operated by Lisa Wainwright. Dedicated to helping individuals from a variety of backgrounds CHANGE and TRANSFORM their lives to achieve an optimum state of wellness, Mrs. Wainwright holds a master’s degree in social work and business management with a Concentration in Organizational Management, along with a bachelor’s and associate degree in psychology. In addition to being a Holistic Mental Wellness Coach, Lisa is also a LCSW-C licensed therapist.  

A Message From Lisa

My background in mental health and mental wellness is complimented by a catalog of alternative healing approaches, holistic wellness approaches, eastern medicine philosophies & spiritual practice, as well as metaphysical teachings to create a unique and authentic Holistic approach to treating the "Whole-Self". Through a combination of traditional talk therapy theories and alternative healing practices such as mindfulness, meditation, sound therapy, stretching, energy balancing, crystal therapy, essential oils, natural herbal healing, and more; I will help you explore and journey into the depths of what challenges you to discover the underlying spring of Resiliency, Reliability, Confidence, and Capability that lies within!